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Hygiene Habits to Follow After Workouts

Posted by Leapout Digital on
You’ve bought your workout clothes from sports central ph and now they’re covered in your sweat. Remember to follow these hygiene habits to ensure they don’t stick around permanently!

Basketball Safety Tips for Teens and Newcomers

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Sports fans know that basketball's one of the hottest sports to get into. Even if you're not into the sport, there's a huge chance that you've at least played it once in your life.  Basketball...

Most Common Sports Injuries

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Sports injuries happen when your body is not in a condition to do intense exercises or is overexerted. They also commonly occur when you wear the wrong shoes or sportswear.  Prevent sports injuries by wearing...

Benefits of Jogging

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Did you know that jogging can have additional benefits besides weight loss and strength building? For example, research has shown that jogging can help improve memory and cognitive function. Additionally, jogging can also help reduce...

The First Part of Cardi B x Reebok’s Most Enchanting Collection is Out Now

Posted by Sports Central (Manila) Inc. c/o Christopher Ong on

Latest Capsule titled ‘Let Me Be…Enchanted’ brings Cardi’s signature energy and over-the-top style to ongoing Reebok collaboration     BOSTON, MA – June 18, 2022 – The next installation of the immensely popular Reebok and Cardi B...