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Cancellation Policy


Cancellation by Sports Central (Manila) Inc.

Sports Central has the right to cancel transactions due to the following transaction types:

  1. Cash-on-delivery located beyond Metro Manila, Cavite and Rizal.
  2. Includes limitations on availability, quality and quantity of ordered item.
  3. Includes errors in product pricing information.
  4. Assessed to be problematic as identified by our credit and fraud avoidance team.
  5. Cancelled by our system due to payment failure.
  6. Caused by system error/glitches.


Cancellation by Customer

Should customer wish to cancel his/her order, customer should email immediately. Cancellation due to change of mind of customer on purchased product and yet item is in good condition will not be entertained.


Allowable Window for Cancellation

  1. Customer is allowed to cancel his/her order/s within 24 hours from the time order has been placed. However, it would be ideal if intent can be made on the same purchase date.
  2. Cancellation will not be allowed if order has undergone shipping.